Boost your efficiency by handling procrastination |12 weeks tailor made mentor & coaching program.


12 weeks tailor made mentor & coaching program.

Including 4 books – in your mother language- and 1 DVD.

You are the kind of person that has decided that you want to have a great life?

There are unknown mental barriers that are the source of your procrastination.

These mental barriers are a source of negative thoughts and thus blocking you to better your mindset – even when you attempt to ignore your negative thoughts, they will inhibit your ability to start reaching your full potential.

Discover the source of your procrastination, handle this with our intensive coaching and mentoring. Overcome procrastination, boost your efficiency, and reach your goals.
Our customers are claiming to have become 30%-80% more efficient due to our program. The time you invest will be earned back very fast!

Register today and take control over your life and your goals.

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You are the kind of person that has decided that you want to have a great life?

Doing your utmost to reach your goals yet this does not bring you fulfillment and happiness?

Yet still struggling with your mindset and you keep on procrastinating?

This program is based on a proven powerful methodology. It consists of a combination of tailor-made Personal Coaching, guided self-paced study with practical assignments and other homework tailor made for your situation.

A typical program lasts 10-16 weeks. Now you will experience a positive change in your mindset and productivity right from the start.

Included in your package:

  1. 10 one-to-one coaching sessions of each 2 hours.
  2. An online procrastination analysis (available in more than 50 languages).
  3. Weekly tailor made homework.
  4. 5 books – in your mother language- and 1 DVD.
  5. Mentoring during the program and until 3 month after you successfully finish the program.
  6. Monthly one to one coaching via video call of 30-60 minutes during these 3 months.
  7. Asking any question you might have regarding the program or help via phone, e-mail or chat.

Your Personal Coach is also your mentor throughout the duration of the full program.

Using the help of your coach you will erase enough negative mental blocks of the past that are holding you back. Erasing will reclaim some of your inherent power and you will experience a direct result in being more focused and productive!

Are you ready to boost your efficiency -to become a better version of yourself?

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